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Our aim with our publishing division isn't to just be like all the other publishers but help the little guy. All the other publishers want the next Angry Bird and Candy Crush but we understand no developer makes that first but has a journey to get there. We want to be part of that journey and work with developers on their games. This makes us invested like the developer so we care about the success of the game. We welcome developers from any country, they can have an app already on the app store or just an idea.

This is what we offer:
  • You as the developer keep 100% of the revenue. That is right we take 0% of the revenue
  • Market the game
  • Create game trailers
  • Create promotional material such as banners and online posters
  • Help create new artwork
  • We can reach over 10,000 followers via social media and our many websites to increase downloads
  • Other strong relations with companies to promote your game

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