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this app is taking da pisssssss

no no no

dis ubuntu linux shit is annoying me the fuck out of here


I want to fucking party tonight! I mean seriously fucking party. Wish this ...

I'm 22, still a virgin, and have never been in a relationship, and all I wa...

Just had a shit and my ass is burning, guess I'll stick some chilli sauce u...


Managed to stop my friend committing suicide tonight. Took over an hour of ...

Sitting at work and literally have no mental capacity to do anything. Great...

My ass is hurting so much

Walked into my husband dressed in a diaper and covered in baby powder! WTF!

tf is this site

"${SRCROOT}/../External Libraries/SFML/include"

I really need to get this dildo out of my ass and get on with it

All letting agents are evil money grabbing greedy gits


this shit is so gash

my stomach is hurting :(

Hehe nice






// ANDROID requires
// <uses-permission android:name="android...

A for effort

I need to fart.

You used to call me on my